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Don Perkins

According To Prophecy Minstries -

Evangelist Perkins is the Founder and President of According To Prophecy Ministries. He and his wife Marie reside in beautiful Southern California.  He has devoted over 41 years to the study of God’s Word with a focus on Bible Prophecy.


Evangelist Perkins has served as an assistant pastor and taught on the subject of Bible Prophecy at several Bible Colleges and Bible Training Centers. He travels extensively as a well respected speaker on Bible Prophecy for conferences, seminars, Bible studies and local churches.


He is a contributing author, along with fifty-five other Bible Scholars, in “The Dictionary of Premillennial Theology” produced by Kregel Publishers. He is also a member of the Pre-trib Research Study Group, founded by Dr. Tim LaHaye. He has appeared on several Christian TV networks and hosts his own weekly TV program called "Your Future in Bible Prophecy" on 


Evangelist Perkins is a content provider and serves on the Board of Directors for the Blueletter Bible Ministries. Evangelist Perkins, publishes a newsletter entitled "The Prophetic Truth!" and a website

John Plantz

Discerning the Times Bible Conference & Friends of Israel

Bro. John Plantz speaks at Churches and Conferences across Canada, the United States, and Guatemala. He also co-leads and teaches on the Canadian, Friends of Israel up to Jerusalem tour to Israel.


John is a board member of the Canada in Magen David Adom and has helped them with getting ambulances and scooters and other life saving equipment. John has a  Bachelor of Religious Education Teaching Degree, Master's Degree in Ministry at Briercrest Schools, and Archeology at the Hebrew Union College.


John is a Zionist and lover of Israel. He loves the whole Hebrew Bible and the coming of the Messiah.

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Carl Teichrib

Forcing Change/Researcher/Author

Carl has authored specialized reports and over 125 articles on
globalization and it’s many sub-topics.


As editor of Forcing change which is an information/intelligence
portal designed to document and analyzes the religious, social,
governance, and economic agendas, movements and initiatives that
are now radically shifting western civilization.


Forcing change holds a Christian world-view, recognizing the validity of the biblical position.

Doug Stauffer

Pastor Doug Stauffer is an internationally recognized authority in Bible history, apologetics, and prophetic studies. He has authored over twenty books and was a contributing editor for the "New Pilgrim King James Study Bible," published by the prestigious Oxford University Press.


Beyond academia, he holds significant positions such as the National Commander for the U.S. Service Command Chaplaincy, the chaplain for the Niceville Police Department, and senior pastor of Faith Independent Baptist Church.


Before his religious endeavors, Dr. Stauffer had a successful business career as a CPA and CFO for multiple multi-million dollar businesses. He also contributes to Life Media as a journalist and photojournalist. He serves on several boards, including ION Power Group, Mayor Randal Wise First Responders Foundation, One Hopeful Place, OCREC, RCOC, IEEA China Missions.


His career spans Bible teaching, community service, journalism, and business leadership, demonstrating impactful contributions across various fields.

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